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Our method

The wisdom of the past meets the innovations

01 // How we produce it


Exelien is unique.
An elegant fusion of tradition and innovation

Soil care

The soil is subjected to surface tillage and organic fertilization in full compliance with the regulations imposed by organic certification. Thanks to our partnership with CREA, we are able to constantly monitor the status of these

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The harvest is carried out during the period from September to the end of November. The olives are harvested by hand or through the use of special machines that prevent the plain from being damaged during the process.

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Once harvested, the olives are transported to our mill (no cultivar is mixed during this step). Where they are cold pressed

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Quality Control

Every time a batch of olives has been milled, the resulting oil is subjected to stringent quality controls and the process of verifying the degree of acidity.

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02 // storage

Storing with nitrogen saturation.

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As soon as they come out of our mill, the different Extra Virgin Olive Oils (no cultivar is mixed during this phase) are placed in tempered steel silos that do not release any harmful substance and guarantee impermeability to direct light. All silos are saturated with nitrogen (inert gas) for food use, in order to avoid direct contact with oxygen and placed in a controlled temperature environment, in order to avoid sudden temperature changes during the decanting phase.

Improved preservation of organoleptic properties 0%

03 // Le nostre partneship

of soils

To optimize the processes of harvesting and production we rely on highly specialized institutions such as CREA (Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agricultural Economics) and the ‘UNICAL, thanks to the use of the latest technology applied to olive growing we constantly monitor the production procedures and treatment of land, ensuring higher and higher quality standards.

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